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Preventive Dental Care

Preventing cavities and other problems before they occur is often easier than undergoing treatment to fix them once they are there. At Wild Smiles, we will work closely with both the parents and the kids to prevent and treat cavities. Here are some ways that we promote preventive dental care for your child.

Routine Cleanings

We recommend bringing your child in to see their pediatric dentist every six months for a routine cleaning and polishing treatment. The reason behind the 6 months is it takes about this long for a cavity to form. You can expect the following at your child’s six month cleaning:

  • A review of your child’s oral health history
  • X-rays taken and reviewed to identify any cavities or developmental issues
    • X-rays are only taken when necessary. This is typically when baby teeth start to touch in the back around 3-5 years old and depending on cavity risk.
  • Examination of the child’s teeth and gums
  • Remove any plaque or buildup off the teeth
  • Floss and polish each tooth

Cavity Prevention

At Wild Smiles, we refer to cavities as “cavity bugs”. Cavities are technically formed from the acid byproduct of different kinds of bacteria, one of which is called strep mutans! So it really is a “bug” that causes it… Yuck! These pesky critters have no room in our jungle! Once a cavity is developed, it can cause painful toothaches and discomfort for your child. Our doctors and team will go above and beyond to protect your child’s smile from cavity bugs. We can do this through fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

Dental Sealants – Applying a clear composite resin layer to the chewing surfaces of your child’s back teeth to protect their smiles from bacteria and food particles.

Fluoride Treatments – Gently rinsing your child’s mouth with a fluoride solution to help restore the minerals that make their smiles durable and strong.

Cavity Treatment

If your child has a cavity, do not fret! Your Wild Smiles team is here to help. The first (and most important!) thing to do is schedule an appointment so your child can be seen and the cavity can be treated as soon as possible. When cavities are ignored, they tend to become worse and cause more discomfort for your child and the treatment will become more advanced.

When you bring in your little one for cavity treatment, it will involve a filling.

This treatment consists of filling the space in their teeth that has been eaten away by the cavity bug. The purpose of this is to restore the tooth’s strength. We will always use tooth-colored resin material when possible.